City Tour Of Addis Ababa
With a population of more than three million people Addis Ababa is not only the political capital but also the economic and social nerve center of Ethiopia.
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Historical Tour
These tour programs encompass activities that provide our esteemed guests a real experience of the historical relics, which Ethiopia is famous as world heritage site. The itineraries include all the historical sites in the country from the usual routes to the recently discovered sites throughout Ethiopia. Our offers include the ancient traditions, art forms, and architecture, engineering, religious aspects and beautiful paintings and frescoes. More Info

Culture Tour
In these programs we give special emphasis on ethnographic and cultural travel experiences. We organize various types of tours from performance through museums, displays, folklore, cuisine, music, traditional and religious practices, and handicrafts. We also make arrangements to attend special ceremonies like burials, wedding and simply watching local activities like fishing, trading in market areas, as well as handicraft manufacturing More Info

Nature & Adventure Tour
These programs comprise the major attractions on the scenic beauties of Ethiopia; typically focus on providing access to remote, rare and spectacular natural settings. We provide you the natural quality of Ethiopia including every thing from fauna and flora through enjoying the marvelous scenery through out the country. Ethiopian landscapes up to mountain climbing, rock climbing, rafting and trekking with new and unusual ways. More Info

Educational Tour
We organize these tours to be a travel in which the learning occurs within a structured and formal program. These tours are centered on significant historical, cultural, Archeological, pale-ontological, geological and other different research and scientific sites and led by our professionals that are expertise in the areas. The tours also include books, lectures and other supplemental materials that create a more formal learning experience.

Leisure Tour
These tours concentrate on various experiences with real mental and physical relaxation. The programs encompass the natural, cultural and social aspects from the beauty of nature to local and traditional leisure activities. The activities include boat cruising, swimming, and camel and horse riding, walking in the forest, souvenirs shopping, visiting different attraction places and safari hunting. These tour programs are mainly designed to provide a real psychological and physical satisfaction and to fulfill the need for enjoyment and pleasure., More Info

These tours are organized mainly for the pilgrims of the two ancient religions in Ethiopia, Christianity and Islam. The itineraries include visiting the religious center renown for their major mass crowd that gather to participate the annual holiday celebrations. The religious centers include the Muslim City of Harar, which is considered to be the 4th Islamic center in the world with its ancient mosques. The holiest ancient Christian towns known for their being the residential home of the mystery of the world- the true Moses Ark of the Covenant that held Gods ten commandments- as well as ancient churches, monasteries throughout Ethiopia. There are also many colorful festivals organized together with the pilgrims. More Info

Business Tour
These tours are special interest tours that can be organized for guests coming to participate in business, conferences, meetings and conventions taking place throughout the country. More Info

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