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 We named our company GHION: Ghion is a word from the Bible; '' A river went out of Eden to water the garden, and from thence it was parted, and became into four heads and the name of the second river is Ghion: this encompasses the whole land of Ethiopia." Ghion is the majestic Abbay or commonly known as the Blue Nile with its thunderous and misty falls. The Nile is blue and grand. Blue is a sign of peace. Peace is the very fabric of GTT.

Ghion Travel and Tours (GTT) is a highly organized tour company in Ethiopia established in 1998.Its major goal is to develop different forms of tourism with a new and improved quality of service provisions. In the last  Eight years Ghion Travel and Tours registered remarkable progress and now it is amongst the most competent tour operators that has been operating various trips in a responsible ways.

GTT's staff is a collection of professionals and multilingual guides and drivers that are very experienced in the tourist trade. The general manager, Mr Yoseph Getnet, is a highly skilled Ethiopian professional who has been working for more than fifteen years in the tourist trade. He has efficient management skills and within the last Eight  years he has made his organization one of the best and successful tour operators in the country.

Ghion Travel and Tours (GTT) is geared to make friends. It has developed the art of receiving visitors and catering to their needs. The well-trained and highly experienced guides and drivers, detailed concern have been paid for the itinerary planning, the attention given for the provision of the best quality equipments, vehicles and camping gears and the unusual treatments presented to satisfy all the needs of our respected guests make our services the best and special here in the land of hospitality.

GTT's head office is situated in Addis Ababa ideally located in the city center, in close proximity to banks, insurances and hotels.

For any request or inquiry of travel advice, please do not hesitate to contact GTT any time. GTT is very pleasant always to be at your disposal. Ghion Travel and Tours services are the true experience with a memory to treasure in entire life. Of course, GTT stand under the motto: '

 Yoseph Getnet
 General Manager


Contact Us in Ethiopia at: Phone:+251-11-5505566 /5505657                               Fax:+251-11-5505656/2794770
P.O.Box: 25504 Code :1000  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia or Email: info@ghiontour.com 



















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